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Wedding Pie

When it comes to certain types of cannabis strains, one can easily decide for yourself how it makes you feel. Just like one man’s trash can be the other’s treasure, cannabis strains are in the (brain) of the beholder. So, without dictating too much, here’s an honest review of the delightfully delicious Wedding Pie from a girl who’s fallen in love with it. 

Strain: Wedding pie | Photo credit: Ana-Filipa Domingues (@checkmyplants)

Relaxing, almost like breathing out a sigh of relief after reaching the pinnacle of a good hike. There’s something very distinct about this particular strain that’ll immediately make itself known. You know it’s Wedding Pie. And you’re quite happy about that fact. 

As most of you’ll know, when it comes to particular strains, it’s very much a mixed bag of feelings depending on what kind of person you are. Through the consensus of friends, the most overwhelming feeling we all seemed to have in common is that of utter relaxation and contentment. However, don’t worry too much, as this strain won’t make you feel like some classic stoner-type in a 2000s romcom.  

What then could be the benefit of a late afternoon venture into the Wedding Pie realm? Well to put it bluntly (and yes, that pun is very much intended) – a refresh. A relaxing moment stolen or not when you need to recharge your mind or simply start to wind down after a long day of doing whatever it is that helps you flow. A moment to feel free and fulfilled. Happy and healthy – and possibly slightly hungry. 

Strain: Wedding pie | Photo credit: Ana-Filipa Domingues (@checkmyplants)

But, as mentioned before, Wedding Pie seems to swing the way you want it to. Need to finish that last project before you clock out for the day? Wedding Pie. Ready to tackle the trails to rest your mind and get some exercise? Wedding Pie. Or do you simply want to drink in the day with a fresh appreciation for where you are and how you feel? Wedding Pie. 

An all-rounder like the overachiever in your high school (yet not nearly as annoying or dramatic for that matter), Wedding Pie is the everyman. The dude, the nerd, the cheerleader, and yes, even the stoner that would hang out with everyone. 


  • Relaxing and rejuvenating. Not to the point of falling asleep!
  • Has some anti-anxiety properties, depending on the level of your anxiety and stress of the day.
  • Mood-enhancing properties that’ll make you feel content and happy. 


  • Fruity, zesty aroma, and taste.
  • An Indica-dominant hybrid strain with roughly 60/40 split. 
  • Has a warm-toned appearance.