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Frequently asked questions


It is important to understand that cannabis social clubs are only growing for their members and that you cannot simply obtain cannabis from a cannabis club as non-member.

You can, however, buy merchandise like caps, shirts, hoodies, DYNAVAP vapes and Boveda Humidity packs from our Shop.

16 weeks from start to finish. This includes the time for cloning, rooting (3), vegetative growth (2), flowering (9), harvesting, drying, trimming and curing (2). We mainly focus on growing 9 week flowering hybrid strains for our members.

We start a new cycle every four weeks to make sure you get your monthly yield

No. We do not trade in any cannabis plant material or seed

You do not need to buy or send us any seed or clones.

We keep a bank of members’ mother plants at the facility. You can choose between a wide variety of member’s pheno selected, tested and verified mother plants. If you have access to a special mother plant and would like to add it to the club library, please contact us.

We send out updates and photos of your plants progress through the growing process. You can indicate if you would like to receive these updates, or not.

This is cultivar specific. We use a sea of green growing technique, with the optimal plant spacing of 20,8 plants per m2, delivering a general average yield of between 10-18g per plant, or more technically correct, a average of 0,625 gram per watt of power used.

The box packaging material that is used is made from recycled paper. We shrink wrap our packages for

For the best visual presentation and to prevent any damage to your bud, we package the final product in a glass jar with cork lid. (We support recycling, and will gladly collect your glass jars from you for re use, after sterilization?)

We have a wide selection of membership options for a variety of projected monthly yield. You should find the correct size membership to suite your usage. If you do not, please contact us to discuss an alternative membership package to suite your specific personal usage needs.

Everything is included in your membership price. From the clone to your packaged product, tested and verified.


To comply with the law, individual areas in the club’s grow facility are demarcated and leased to it’s members, thereby making it their private space. The club simply assists members in exercising their constitutional right to grow cannabis in their own private space.

You can cancel your membership at any time, allowing us to finish all your current cycles in cultivation

If your debit order does not go through, we will contact you to rectify the missed payment. If this payment is not rectified within 7 days from first contact, we would be forced to remove your plants in the grow room and destroy the material.

Immediately. We will issue you yield from the clubs shared stock for the first 2 or 3 months and from there your yield will be available.