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The Incredible Versatility of Cannabis

A few years ago, the mere mention of cannabis in certain circles was bound to raise a few eyebrows and elicit some strong criticism from those who viewed it purely as a “useless plant grown and used by stoners”. But with CBD entering the mainstream market, this potent plant extract has found its way into health stores, department stores and even beauty salons, quickly silencing sceptics and earning praise for its many useful properties.

Last month we looked at the use of cannabis extracts and components for recreational and medical reasons, so now let’s explore some of the other ways in which this handy herb has been doing the rounds.

  • Beauty & Skincare Products

Cannabis extracts are being increasingly used in beauty products, such as facial oils, serums and creams, thanks to its potential anti-inflammatory properties. CBD-infused products have been used with much success in the treatment of several painful skin conditions such as eczema, acne and psoriasis and is also believed to assist in preventing the signs of aging.

  • Cooking

Whether raw or lightly toasted, hemp seeds are often added to smoothies and salads to provide a distinct nutty taste and some additional, much-needed nutrients. High in omega-3 fatty acids, protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals, hemp seeds are an all-round superfood believed to protect your brain, boost your heart health and reduce inflammation.

  • Clothing

Hemp is one of the world’s oldest textiles, with one piece of fabric found believed to be no less than 10 000 years old! Hemp fabric is extremely strong and versatile and also more sustainable than cotton, making it the ideal choice for conscious consumers who care about what they wear and how it affects the environment.

Given all of these (and countless other) uses, it is clear that cannabis is extremely versatile in its application, and its economic potential is undeniable. As a growing club for local cannabis connoisseurs, we are extremely proud to be part of this growing movement of responsible cannabis growers, users and producers.