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Super Cheese

This month’s featured strain serves as proof that old school can remain cool, having first made its appearance back in the ‘80s as a coffee-shop strain in good old Amsterdam. Super Cheese was born out of a cross between Cheese and Exodus cheese and is every bit as cheesy as you would expect – delivering a strong, almost pungent blue cheese flavour that you’ll either love or hate. This super cheesy aroma is complemented (or compounded – depending on your feelings towards sharp smells) by a sharp aftertaste that has been described as creamy, earthy, herbal, sweet and, no surprises here, cheesy.

Super Cheese plants are short and bushy, and can be identified by its solid, elongated flowers and vibrant green leaves with brown and orange pistils. They also thrive in a semi-humid Mediterranean type of climate, making them ideal for climate-controlled indoor growing.

With THC levels usually ranging between 17%-20% and even as high as 25%, this indica-dominant hybrid comprises 80% indica and 20% sativa and is known to induce a strong cerebral euphoria, followed by total relaxation and sedation of the body and mind. While the calm, foggy high may prompt social behaviour, chattiness and laughter in some, its comedown almost always results in a deep and peaceful sleep. Known to improve the mood and boost creativity, Super Cheese is as popular for recreational use as it is for medicinal use, with the purported benefits of the latter including the reduction of hypertension and muscle spasms and relief from chronic pain.

Of course, it’s not all good all of the time, and as with most strains some people do experience adverse effects with Super Cheese, with the most common being a dry mouth (around 1 third of users), followed by dizziness (1 in 10) and anxiety (less than 1 in 20).

Its potential to reduce stress, anxiety and insomnia has contributed to Super Cheese’s status as a favourite for those looking for the ultimate in relaxation, but be warned: this strain is known to bring on a serious bout of the munchies, so you may want to swing by the supermarket and stock up on some snacks before you light up.

See what one of our Club Members have to say about Crescendo:

  • Pleasant, sweet candy smell with a lot of fizz / sherbet
  • Powerful Wave…Brace Yourself
  • Dual Purpose Day or Night.
  • Was super active on it and also great for relaxing
  • Also great for aches and pains


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Gorilla Glue

Indica/Sativa Hybrid


Dirty Banana

Indica Dominant

Potency: 28.7%