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Humidity Control: 4g


How do your store your zol?
One thing we often overlook is how to properly store our cannabis and the effects thereof. With overly dried bud, you risk losing flavours and aromas as well as the potent effects of terpenes. Don’t let perfectly great zol go to waste. Preserve your terps and store your weed with Boveda humidity packs.

Choosing between Boveda 58% RH and 62% RH (relative humidity) is a personal preference depending on how you prefer your cannabis experience and the humidity level of where you are. Some consumers choose 58% RH for personal-use products (blunts, joints, pre-rolls and dry herb vaporizers) and 62% for larger cannabis storage.

4g< Protects up to 15 grams flower. Choose from 58% or 62% RH