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Sea of Green

“Growing weed? Elementary, I’m sure! Drop a few seeds in a coffee tin filled with soil from your mom’s garden , water them every so often, and, BOOM! You’re growin’ pot! Right?” 

Fail. Epic Fail.

My erroneous inference that weed is, well, a weed, and once the seed hits the soil, your work is done; I quickly learned that growing cannabis is a craft, and fundamentally, the most basic prerequisite, is a green thumb!


Cannabis is as versatile as it is meticulous and as a result, there are a multitude of options and aspects to consider before setting up your grow; seeds and strains, location – will you be growing outdoors, indoors, in a greenhouse, a grow tent? Are you opting for any other techniques like aeroponics or hydroponics? Natural or artificial light? There are countless other factors to consider, keeping in mind that each environmental parameter adjustment has a notable result.


So, what method do we use at The ZOL Club and why?


The cultivation method we use at The ZOL Club is commonly referred to as the Sea of Green Method (SOG) with 25 plants per m2.

We do a phenotype selection when choosing a mother plant, to make sure we have selected the pheno that shows the best overall phenotypical characteristics: Morphological traits (internodal length, stretch, shape, grow type/speed ect), potency, yield, smell, look and effect; not only yield.



The primary goal of the sea of green cultivation technique is to pump out short flower-focused plants within a much shorter time frame than would be expected if the plants grew under normal conditions. The technique is usually started from clones or cuttings, not from seed (saving time in a tight growing schedule).

The plant’s vertical growth is compressed by reducing the time spent in a vegetative state.  This encourages apical dominance to strengthen and enlarge the main flower cluster.  The result – harvesting higher yields in less time, optimizing space utilization and efficient use of resources.

One cannot really work on yield per plant as this is relative to the growing method/space used: Indoor/high intensity, greenhouse (with sunlight) or outdoor (with limited cost: Land and labour). The correct way to measure your input is watt per m2, and output is gram per watt. 


The lights we use are 1000W D/E HPS and CMH lights in a checkered board configuration, with one light covering an area of 3,34m2, thus an average of 300w per m2.

The average yield/performance in an indoor grow is from 0,4g/w on the low end, with 0,5g/w as an average up to 1g/w in the extreme circumstances, normally in a very small controllable grow room/area. 

This Yield of gram per watt is also cultivar/pheno specific. This translates into between 120g to 300g per m2. For the 25 plants per m2, it translates into between 4,8 to 12 grams per plant.


Currently, The Zol Club’s average growing performance is at 0,83g/w and harvest, on average, 10g per plant (250g/m2).