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Kush Mints

Indica-leaning hybrid strain

Look, there’s a reason that this particular strain of cannabis has made its way around the world and has become somewhat of a dagga-darling. And that reason is quite simple: it makes you feel happy. Genuinely happy and euphoric.

But don’t get the wrong idea here; you won’t suddenly feel like you’ve taken some illicit drug at a muddy festival where all you’d be able to remember is cold, muddy feet, some weirdly eccentric vegan food, and vivid colours. No, in fact, Kush Mint also remarkably has the ability to help you focus.

As the saying goes, different strokes for different folks, it can be entirely true that this strain can make you feel less “happy-go-lucky” and more “I’m-gonna-build-an-empire”- either which is good in my books – I mean, who wouldn’t want to experience a brain spark all the while smiling gleefully at the mere glance of your cat?

Because it is Indica-dominant, this strain also provided you with that feeling of utter relaxation. Relief and rejuvenation at the end of a long day and a strain that’ll definitely inspire you to jump in the kitchen (or, reach for your takeaway food app…). In my experience, it was a great way to wind down the day after work and then slowly, happily (and hungrily) make my way to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

So, what can a girl and her gleeful smile say more about Kush Mint? Well, to lay it down simply, this strain is for the dreamer or the hard worker. The chilled bookworm or the extroverted socialite.

It makes you happy – and isn’t that what we’re all striving for?


  • Feelings of euphoria and glee (but without a ridiculous grin on your face!)
  • Relaxing and anti-stress properties to soothe your mind and body.
  • Assists in helping you focus.


  • Fresh, minty taste (hence the name, duh!)
  • Indica-dominant strain with roughly a 60/40 split.
  • Cool-toned, greenish-yellow appearance.