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Shakespeare once said, “nothing is as common as the wish to be remarkable”. And while I can carry on waxing lyrical about the myriad of Shakespearean quotes that can apply to one’s daily life or the situations we find ourselves in, this is not the goal of this review – although, I can firmly say that Gluefast will have you waxing lyrical at some point.

A sativa-leaning hybrid, Gluefast is more commonly known across the globe as Gorilla Glue. If you have ever found yourself watching a terribly generic, teenage stoner movie, you’ll more than likely have heard its name before.

But unlike its teenage stoner reputation, there is something much deeper – and much more intriguing for that matter – to this particular strain.

Will you end up laughing uncontrollably at the way the wind blows through the trees? Sure. Will you also feel inspired to write a Shakespearean sonnet about said tree and how the wind affects it? Most definitely.

Gluefast is intense, and because of its intensity and almost dream-like effect, it will (without trying to sound too pretentious) transport you to a different realm. That realm, however, is completely up to you.

In my experience, I thoroughly enjoyed the intensity of Gluefast, albeit in smaller doses than other strains. A word of caution for the cannabis connoisseur: this strain should be respected and enjoyed in small doses – even for the most daring dagga dude.

My recommendation? Gather a couple of friends and share the strain. After a couple of minutes, you’ll all feel serene, soothed, and somewhat scintillating. You’ll either start reciting a poem that just popped up in your mind with utter confidence, or you’ll salute your friend who did with an overwhelming feeling of love and admiration. Either or, you’re guaranteed to have a good time.

Best to be enjoyed with company, this strain is certainly a top-shelf strain. It’ll open your heart, your mind (and your refrigerator) all the while subtly reminding you of the beauty all around.

So, as Shakespeare said that the desire to be remarkable is common, so is the case for Gluefast: it truly is remarkable. And that, my friends, is worth waxing lyrical about.


  • Potent and strong, this strain is for the fearless.
  • Major feelings of euphoria and enlightenment.
  • Best enjoyed with company as opposed to by oneself.


  • Fruity, almost sour taste,
  • Sativa-dominant strain with roughly 60/40 split.
  • Very green, string-like appearance.